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Rub-Onz FAQ

Are the Rub-Onz acid free and archival?

Yes, they are both acid free and archival.

Can an object with Rub-Onz be washed in a dishwasher?

We recommend hand washing for longevity.

Do I need to seal the Rub-Onz?

It is not necessary to seal the Rub-Onz since they use a permanent adhesive. However, you can coat with polyurethane to achieve a glossy finish.

Do Rub-Onz transfer ink directly on to the desired surface?

Yes, but Rub-Onz will transfer a thin layer of clear film to the surface also. Unlike pre-made rub ons that have already been bonded with glue, thus transferring just the ink, Grafix Rub-Onz are personalized and the adhesive is added and then transferred by the user.

Can the Rub-Onz be applied to fabric or canvas?

The Rub-Onz are meant for non-porous surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic, paper, ribbon, etc. not fabric or canvas. If the surface is sealed or has gesso applied it will adhere. Always test first.

My Rub-Onz will not load in my printer, what do I do?

You may want to add several sheets of regular copy paper behind the frosted Rub-Onz film prior to printing. This will trick the printer into thinking it has thicker paper in the tray. It may be necessary to combine this paper trick along with changing the paper setting to photo/glossy – which causes the printer to load the material differently. The available paper options will vary according to your printer model. If these solutions do not work, we suggest contacting the printer manufacturer for additional assistance.

Which Rub-Onz film do I print on? And which side?

Print on the matte, or slightly duller side of the frosted film.

There are two different sheets in the Rub-Onz package – how are they different?

One sheet is thin and slightly frosted which is used to print or draw your image. The other sheet is the transfer adhesive, clear glossy liner on one side and white liner on the other. This is used to adhere your image to the surface. Please review package directions before use.

Rub-Onz Instructions

Grafix Rub-Onz Instructions

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