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DIY Baking Stencil Ideas Using Grafix Food Safe Craft Plastic

Whether you are a professional baker or a simple hobbyist, decorating your baked goods can be the finishing step that can easily make or break your pastry masterpiece. Considering this, there are some handy baking tools that you can use to help you design and decorate pastry efficiently and perfectly every time. Here is how you can make DIY baking stencils using the Grafix Food Safe Craft Plastic Film and how to use it to give you a better idea.

What are baking stencils?

Before we go through the steps on how to make your own baking stencil, let us first define what a baking stencil is. A baking stencil can be the best baking tool for cakes with intricate patterns in order to produce an impressive finish. Typically used with frosting, stenciling can greatly elevate the design of your cake by allowing you to create patterns, shapes, and designs easily by using the stencil as a guide.  

DIY baking stencil  

As mentioned earlier, the baking stencil is a type of design tool used to help you frost intricate patterns and designs on your cake effectively and efficiently. And while there are a plethora of stencil designs available in the market, knowing how to make your own baking stencil with Grafix Food Safe Craft Plastic and other materials allows you to expand and express your creativity even more. With that, here is how you can make amazing baking stencils at home:

  • First, you would need the following materials: printed templates or design, cake pans, a permanent marker, a sharp cutting tool such as a blade or exacto knife, a cutting mat, tape, and the Grafix Food Safe Craft Plastic as your stencil sheets.  
  • Trace the shape of your cake pan on your stencil sheet to serve as a guide. Make sure that you are using a pan size that is the same size as your cake, to ensure that the stencil would be cut to the shape of your cake.
  • Add tabs on each side of the tracing so that you have something to hold on to when using the stencil.
  • Cut out the stencil using a blade or a knife and lay it on top of the cutting mat.  
  • Then, take your printed templates and align them to the center of the stencil.
  • Tape the template on top of the stencil to keep it in place and carefully cut out the design using your blade. Make sure that your cuts are making it through the stencil and not on the template only. Finish cutting and enjoy.


Decorating your cake using baking stencil can elevate the overall look and design of your masterpiece. Knowing how to make your own baking stencil with Grafix Food Safe Craft Plastic not only allows you to expand your creativity but is also a way for you to personalize each cake with your designs. Hopefully, this article was able to provide you with enough information on how to make your own baking stencil.  

by: Bella Cupcake Couture

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