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General FAQs

What is Mylar?

Mylar(R) is the registered trademark owned by the E.I. DuPont Corporation for bi-axially oriented polyester film (BOPET). For years, the term Mylar has been mistakenly used as a generic term used to describe a range of different films. For example people who work in the Architecture or Engineering business usually use the term Mylar when referring to matte drafting film. People who work in Graphic Arts, Printing, or Document Archiving areas tend to use the term Mylar(R) to refer to high clarity plastic film in general. Many people also mistakenly call the shiny silver material that are often used for balloons, Mylar, but that in fact is a nylon based material that we do not stock.

What type of Inks are Computer Grafix Ink Jet Films geared for?

Computer Grafix Ink Jet Films are geared for water based and dye based inks.

How do I access the Retailer Login?

Please email us to request the login credentials. We will need to verify that you are a current or eligible account with Grafix, please fill out our Become a Retailer form.

I am having trouble with the website. Who can assist me?

We are sorry you’re having difficulty, you can email with the details about your problem. Please be sure to include steps for recreating the issue and information about how you are viewing our site (phone, tablet, and computer) and what web browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer).

How can I request a donation for my event?

Grafix sponsors many different events and charities. Sponsorships / donations are made on a case by case basis. Complete our donation request form and return by fax or email for consideration.

Are Grafix products safe for scrapbooking?

Almost all of Grafix products are acid free and ideal for scrapbooking and archival use.

Can Grafix products be used for the following…

Plastic bags – no
Balloons – no, ‘Mylar balloons’ are made of nylon
Window envelopes – they are usually made with polystyrene
Sleeves or pouches – no

Are any Grafix films food safe?

Yes, Grafix Acetate is safe for food contact and FDA approved.

How thick is the adhesive on Grafix pressure sensitive or adhesive backed films?

Approximately .001” (1 mil)

How do I adhere Grafix film to my surface? Is there a way to protect it once secured?

An acrylic gel medium will work in both applications. It secures film and mixed media elements to various surfaces and offers a protective finish when applied over artwork. For more information about fixatives/glues, refer to the Grafix Glue Reference Chart.

Will Grafix materials be compatible with my die cut machine?

Refer to our Grafix Die Cut Test Results to determine which die cut machines successfully cut our products.

Which Grafix films are Laser/Copier, Inkjet and Screen printable?

Product Laser Inkjet Screen
Acetate no no yes
Clear-Lay no no yes
Cling Film no no yes
Inkjet Computer Grafix no yes yes
Laser Computer Grafix yes no yes
Craft Plastic no no yes
Double Tack Mounting Film no no yes
Drafting Film no no yes
Dura-Lar no no yes
Frisket Film no no yes
Funky Film no no yes
Metallic Foil Board & Paper no no yes
Shrink Film no no yes
Inkjet Shrink Film no yes yes
Vellum yes no yes
Inkjet Vellum no yes yes

These Grafix products are not prepared for offset printing.

Grafix will NOT be responsible for any damages to equipment or persons when using Grafix products incorrectly.

Which Grafix film is best for stencil making?

Grafix recommends Dura-Lar or Drafting Film if using a laser or heating tool to cut stencils. Cut these films one sheet at a time or they will melt together.

Clear-Lay works best if using a craft knife or blade to cut, but DO NOT cut this film with a laser or heating tool.

Acetate can be used for stencil making, but it tears easily so may only last for one use.

What is the best plastic to use as a substitute for glass in picture frames / poster frames?

Dura-Lar is a good substitute for glass in many applications including frames. Please refer to the thickness chart to decide what the best gauge is for your application.

What is the difference between Clear-Lay, Dura-Lar & Acetate?

Clear-Lay is a vinyl based film that is very economical, easy to cut, has a low heat tolerance and is acid free. Dura-Lar is a polyester based film known for its clarity and stability. It has a high heat tolerance, will not tear or discolor and is archival. Acetate is a general purpose film that is biodegradable, tears easily, does not have a high heat tolerance and is NOT acid free or archival.

Quick Comparison:

Dura-Lar: Very clear, most durable, mid-priced, widest selection

Clear-Lay: clear with a slight blue tint, second most durable, least expensive

Acetate: Clearest, least durable / biodegradable, most expensive

How do I determine which thickness of film I need?

The standard term used to describe the thickness (or gauge) of plastic film is mil.
Mil is expressed in thousands of an inch. For example .005″ is said “5 mil”.

Below are examples of how thick a mil is.

.004” (4 mil) = sheet of copier paper
.010” (10 mil) = business card or 80# cover
.020” (20 mil) = manila folder with both flaps closed
.030 (30 mil) = credit card

Equivalency Chart

Mils (thousands of an inch) Microns Millimeters
.001″ 24 .0254
.002″ 50 .0508
.003″ 72 .0765
.004″ 96 .1016
.005″ 120 .127
.007″ 168 .1778
.010″ 240 .254
.015″ 360 .381
.020″ 480 .508

What is the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque?

Transparent – see through, i.e. Clear Dura-Lar or Clear Acetate
Translucent – allows light to pass through, but objects on other side are not clearly distinguished, i.e. Drafting Film and Vellum
Opaque – not see through, light does not pass through, i.e. Cling Film and Colored Shrink Film

Does Grafix offer Mylar?

Yes. Mylar refers to polyester film, which Grafix offers under the trade name Dura-Lar®. Mylar® is DuPont’s trade name for polyester film.

Can I place an order on-line from Grafix?

Grafix does not have on-line ordering for Retailers or Consumers.  For consumers please visit our online list here, for Retailers, please contact Grafix by using our Contact us page.

Where can I buy Grafix products?

Go to our How to Buy section to search for Grafix retailers in your area or to purchase from a catalog or on-line store.

Grafix Products Die Cut Test Results

Grafix Glue Reference Chart

For more information about ordering Grafix items

How can I find a distributor of your products?

Using your Retailer Log in you can visit our Distributor page to find a list of Grafix Distributors. Or email us and we will provide the log in credentials and a link once we verify your account.

Do you have project videos and can I put them on my website?

Please visit Grafix You Tube channel to see all our how to and product related videos. You can link to these or download them to use on your site.

How do I get a Grafix Price List?

Using your Retailer Log in you can download a current price list or email and we can email one to you or provide the log in credentials once we verify your account.

Where can I find photos of Grafix products I can use?

Please contact with a list of photos you need and your size requirements.

Does Grafix drop ship?

Yes, Grafix offers drop ship service. Your order must meet minimum order requirements of $100 net. If under the minimum order amount, there is a $15.00 processing fee.

Does Grafix provide custom sizes?

Yes, please email for assistance. To expedite your quote request, keep answers in mind to these important Grafix Custom Quote Questions.

When can I expect to receive an invoice for my recent order?

All invoices are generated and mailed the day after your order has shipped. It usually takes 2-5 days for it to arrive by mail.

How long will my order take to ship?

Grafix does our best to make sure each order ships quickly. In general, orders ship within five business days.

How do I request a Grafix catalog?

Please provide the details above (even if you do not wish to establish an account) and we will be happy to send product information to you by mail or email. Or click here for a downloadable pdf version .

How do I set up a retail account with Grafix?

To set up a retail account with Grafix please fill out our Contact Us form and we will evaluate your account for resale of our products.

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