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Edge Urban Art Accessories

Grafix Edge floor display assortment provides a one stop shop for popular Grafix films and accessory items used by urban artists. This free standing, mobile display is easy to assemble and merchandise near other urban art products.

Display Assortment Includes:

  • Stencil Film
  • Frisket Film
  • Rosin Paper
  • Newsprint Paper
  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Masks
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Painter’s Edge
  • Can Gun Spray Tool

Display Features:

  • Measures 36″w x 90″h x 13.5″d
  • Fits perfectly inline or on end cap
  • Convenient storage, sizes & quantities
  • Easy to move & merchandise near spray paint products
  • Great for impulse purchases

Clear Stencil FilmEdge Urban Art Accessory Display
A tear-resistant and easy to cut the polyester film for creating durable stencils that will withstand heavy handling and repeated use. (.005″ medium weight)

Matte Low Tack Frisket Film
A self-adhering masking film for smooth surfaces, including glass and plastic. Large format for mural painting. (.002″ lightweight)

Matte Extra Tack Frisket Film
A self-adhering masking film with an aggressive adhesive for rougher surfaces, like brick and wood. (.001″ lightweight)

Red Rosin Paper
A quick, inexpensive substitute for a drop cloth. This paper can absorb spills and provide a protective barrier.

Newsprint Paper
A lightweight sketch paper for on the fly ideas with markers and pens. Makes an economical masking paper for overspray protection too!

Safety Glasses
An easy way to avoid eye irritants such as dust, debris and spray paint.

Dust Mask
A comfortable way to avoid breathing airborne particles, some of which you can’t even see.

Vinyl Gloves – White & Black
Long-lasting powder-coated gloves for easy application and all-day protection. Available in white or black.

Painter’s Edge
A portable tool that creates a great EDGE and will protect from overspray. Perfect for large areas and hard to get corners. Available in 12″ or 24″.

Can Gun Spray Tool
A trigger mechanism that snaps on to paint cans to comfortably control spray flow and minimize finger fatigue.


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Is the Edge Dura-Lar Stencil Film archival?

Yes, the Edge Dura-Lar Stencil Film is archival and acid free.