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Collage Owl Using Grafix Artist-tac

Project Description: Create a collage on canvas using Artist-tac and painted book pages.

  • Collage Owl using Grafix Artist-tac

Designed by: Tami Sanders

Difficulty: Challenging


  • Grafix Artist-tac™
  • Grafix Inking Palette
  • Clearsnap: Izink Inks: Mango, Citronella, Safran, Topaz, Cactus, Bamboo, Ambre, Caviar, Jasmine, Opaline and Orchid.
  • 8×10 Flat Canvas
  • Book Pages
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

NOTE: use Inking Palette to stage and blend inks for application. Izink Inks dry quickly, so keep palette loosely covered or apply and work with small amounts of ink at a time.

Steps to Make This:

1. Paint 3-4 book pages with different colors of Izink, varying intensity of colors on pages. for sample these colors and color combinations were used: Mango mixed with some Citronella, Safran, Orchid, Topaz, Cactus with some streaks of Bamboo, Ambre with some Caviar and Caviar.
2. For some added variety in colors to help with shading, repaint 1 of each color of pages using Jasmine – which is an opaque white and 1 page using Opaline – which is sheer with shimmer.
3. Let pages dry. the thin book pages may curl, just re-roll the other way to flatten. pages don’t need to be perfectly flat – they will smooth when adhesive is added to back.

1. Sketch design onto canvas using pencil.
2. Cut one page of yellow in half for the “moon”. then cut a piece of Artist-tac a little bit larger.
3. Remove white backing from adhesive.
4. Carefully position and place paper over adhesive. work CAREFULLY – once paper touches adhesive it’s stuck.
5. Smooth paper using your fingers to transfer adhesive to paper.
6. Cut and apply adhesive to several “shades” of yellow to use to fill in “moon” section of collage.
7. Tear adhesive backed pages into strips, then tear strips into small pieces.
8. Peel backing off pieces – bending a corner makes it easier to remove – and begin to fill in “moon”.
9. Next, repeat the process using the black and gray pages to begin to fill in the “night” portion of the background.
10. Once the “night” background is finished, fill in the branch, using brown pages and leaves, using green pages.
11. Background portions are finished, begin working on main design by filling in wings using orange pages and body using pink pages.
12. Add a row of triangular shaped pieces at top of body section.
13. Outline the triangular shaped piece using narrow strips of black and gray leftover from background.
14. Begin to fill in head. start with small square shapes of blue around eyes. then fill in remainder of head, adding a row of triangular shapes at bottom of head. outline triangular shapes as before.
15. Fill in beak and feet using orange pieces.
16. Finish eyes by adding rows of small squares inside previous blue rows, then tear out ovals from black for centers of eyes.
17. Use scissors to trim away any portions of collage that extend past canvas.
18. Seal if desired.

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