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DIY Notebook

Project Description: Create your own colorful DIY Notebook using an assortment of Grafix materials.

Designed by: Maritza Garcia

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Steps to Make This:

  1. Start by taking Grafix Chipboard and cutting it down the center to measure 5.5″ W x 8.5″ L.
  2. Next cut a sheet of Grafix Clear Craft Plastic Film so that it also measures 5.5″ W x 8.5″ L.
  3. Take 20 sheets of Printer Paper and fold each one in half so that your sheets also measure 5.5″ W x 8.5″ L. (You will make 5 sets. Each set should include 4 sheets inserted into one another).
  4. Now you’ll want to take your Chipboard and mark a 1/8″ line from the top to the bottom of your Chipboard to create a gap to accommodate 6 (six) 1/4″ space piercings down the side of your notebook’s spine.
    • Pro Tip: The Chipboard now acts as a guide for your Grafix Clear Craft Plastic and folded Printer Paper pages so you may easily line up your Chipboard, Craft Plastic, and folded printer paper pages to mark and pierce altogether more accurately.
  5. Now, start a front and back cover for your notebook using acrylic paint and paintbrushes to make a fun pattern/design.
  6. Next, create a fun doodle and notebook tag using Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film. Set aside for later in the project.
  7. Time to assemble our Notebook; you will need Embroidery Floss or Waxed Thread, a Needle, and Scissors.
  8. You will be starting at the center of the notebook working your way towards the back cover than looping through to the front cover so that your thread meets back in the center again.
    • Imagine your notebook lying in two parts, on the front cover side, you should have a sheet of Grafix Craft Plastic, a sheet of Grafix Chipboard, (optional 2nd layer of Grafix Clear Craft Plastic and a doodle adhere to a Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film and two sets of printer paper). Remember. You will be working with the back cover section first. The back cover section should have three sets of printer paper, a sheet of Grafix Chipboard, and a sheet of Grafix Clear Craft Plastic.
  9. Thread your Embroidery Floss or Waxed Thread through the inside center of the first set of printer paper pages towards the back cover, then loop towards the front cover to meet at the center and you’re back at the first bottom pierced hole. Continue working your thread up the notebook spine until you reach the top of your notebook.
  10. Once you reach the top of your notebook. Snip off any excess thread for a clean finished look.
  11. Cut the third piece of Grafix Clear Craft Plastic to use as a divider, you can add a fun little polka dot pattern with a black permanent marker. Bonus: using Grafix Craft Plastic on the covers of your notebook, not only protects your notebook from water damage –it also helps your chipboard art last longer and even makes your notebook covers reusable.
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