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Flower Mobile

Project Description: Using Grafix Craft plastic, Join us in making this Fan-stache-tic craft!

Designed by: Sarah Gardner

Difficulty: Moderate


  • Grafix Shrink Film

  • Scratch paper, printer paper

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Artist tape or masking tape

  • Paint pens, acrylic markers, alcohol ink markers in bright colors

  • Scissors

  • Craft knife

  • Craft pompoms in bright colors

  • Beads in bright colors (make sure hole is at least 1 mm)

  • Needle (size 9 or 10)

  • Embroidery floss or fine yarn in a bright color

  • 4 inch macrame ring in brass (or material of your preference)

Steps to Make This:

    1. Draw out the shapes you want your charms to take! I used the back of some printer paper to recycle used sheets. Sketch out a couple shapes (I made flowers and discs, and one star;) in different sizes. The large size should be around 5.5 cm in diameter; medium is 4.5; and small is 3.5 cm. You’ll use these sketches as templates to create your charms.
    2. Place Grafix Shrink Film over one of your sketched shapes, and tape the film to the paper so that it doesn’t move. Use your markers to draw over the template shape, and color it in. Use different colors in “rings” to create fun and interesting multi-colored charms. Make about three (3) large ones, eight (8) medium, and three (3) small ones for your mobile
    3. TIP: Move the film over each template to place it so that you get the most out of each sheet of film.
    4. Cut out your colorful shapes and cut a hole in the middle using a craft knife. I just cut a small triangle in each one, approximately one centimeter per side.
    5. Bake your shapes into charms by following the Grafix Shrink Film package instructions.
    6. Thread your needle with about two meters of floss/yarn, doubling it so that the strand is a full meter in length. Tie the doubled thread in a knot at the end, leaving about 2.5 cm of thread from the bottom of the knot as a little fringe.
    7. Start creating your mobile strands. Put a bead onto the needle and pull it all the way down to the knot. Then add a small Shrink Film charm and another bead. This is your first item in the strand.
    8. With your first item in place, tie a new knot in the thread approximately 5-6 cm from the first item on the strand. Now add the next item. I added a bead stack. You don’t have to knot above the stack, but you can if you like, to keep the items in place.
    9. With item #2 in place, tie another knot in the thread approximately 5-6 cm from the second item on the strand; add another item and pull it down to this knot. I added a pompom.
    10. Tie another knot in the thread approximately 5-6 cm from the third item on the strand; add a bead, a medium charm and then another bead.
    11. Continue in this way alternating materials to create an interesting strand of bright items. When you have about 30 cm of thread left at the end, stop adding items, tie a knot near the last item on the strand, and start your next strand. Make three strands in the same way, alternating materials. Hang the strands in the air next to one another to see how the items will be spaced and hang next to each other on the mobile. This way you can plan what items to add next in the strand to create a balanced, harmonious look.
    12. Once you have all the strands made, tie each one onto the macrame ring. Make sure that the distance between the last items on each strand and the ring itself is about 10 cm; if you tie a half knot around the ring, you can pull it so that the right amount of thread appears between the ring and the top item in the strand. Tie each strand securely by using about three knots per strand. DO NOT cut the string that is left after tying these knots.
    13. Once all your strands are attached to the ring, pull the three strands of empty thread together evenly at about 10 cm above the ring, and tie a slip knot, pulling the loop out and tightening the knot. This is how you’ll hang up your mobile.
    14. Display your Shine Bright, handmade mobile with pride and joy!
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