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Galaxy Effect with Grafix Opaque Film and Alcohol Inks

Project Description: How to create a galaxy effect using Grafix Opaque Black Craft Plastic Film with alcohol inks.

Designed by: Anne Roos Smink (@Brushcali)

Difficulty: Easy


  • Grafix Opaque Black Craft Plastic Film
  • Alcohol Inks in galaxy colors (e.g., pink, purple, blue), metallics, and white (Ranger snowcap is used in the example).
  • Isopropyl 91%/99% or Blending Solution
  • Straw/Heat Tool/Air Blower
  • Brush
  • Scissors or Die-Cut Machine
  • Varnish (optional)

Steps to Make This:

  1. Start by cutting a sheet of Grafix Opaque Black Craft Plastic Film in your preferred size using scissors or a die-cut machine. (This technique is easier to apply on smaller pieces of the film).
  2. Next, apply isopropyl or blending solution along the edge of one side of the film.
  3. Then add several drops of the alcohol inks in galaxy colors next to each other. In the example, blue, pink, purple, and gold metallic are used. (Don’t worry, the colors will show up at the next step).
  4. For the colors to show on the Opaque Black Craft Plastic Film, you need to add white alcohol ink on top of the ink that you have already applied. In the example, Ranger Snow Cap is used.
  5. Adding 5 to 8 drops on your small sheet is recommended but play around with it and create different pieces in which you vary the amount of white. (It takes a little bit of experimenting to know how much white alcohol ink you will need to apply).
  6. To make the ink flow over the film add some more isopropyl or blending solution on top.
  7. Using a straw, an air blower, or a heat tool; start spreading the inks more towards the other side of the film. You can keep using the air blowing technique until the whole paper is filled up with the inks, or you can use a heat tool to push the ink to the other side of the film while drying it.
  8. Tilt the film and let the remaining ink fall off the sheet.
  9. Let the background properly dry before moving to the next step.
  10. Dip your brush in the white or metallic inks to splatter the ink around the paper to create a galaxy effect.
  11. To protect your work, you can use a varnish spray once your piece has fully dried(e.g., Kamar varnish).**Optional
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