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Grafix Clear-Lay Color Changing Clock

Project Description: Create an ever-changing work of window art that tells time too! The transparent shapes will overlap and create new colors throughout your day.

Designed by: Natasha Dzurny

Difficulty: Easy


Steps to Make This:

  1. Start by applying Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film to the back of a 6 x 7-inch piece of the Grafix Metallic Foil Board.
  2. Using an electronic cutting machine, download the template and cut out the shapes from the Foil Board. I chose to cut the large shape from Blue and the smaller shape from Red. On a Silhouette Cameo 2, I used the “Chipboard” setting, increased the number of cuts to 3, and used a blade depth of 6. I used a light-grip cutting matt and taped the edges of the foil board with masking tape to be sure it stayed put.
  3. When the shapes are ready, remove the paper backing and stick the shapes to the Grafix Clear-Lay plastic that matches each color.
  4. Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut along the outer edge of the shapes.
  5. Apply the Double Tack Mounting film to the clock hands. Trim away any excess mounting film that goes over the edge. Remove the paper backing and attach the clock hands to the shapes, matching the hole in the shape with the hole in the clock band. Trim away any part of the clock hand that is sticking out beyond the shape (basic scissors should do the trick – clock hand metal is typically very thin).
  6. Use an awl to poke a hole thru the plastic where the clock hand’s hole is, and enlarge the hole to match the hole in the clock hand. (It will most likely need to be a bit larger than the template, depending on your clock movement’s size.)
  7. Place the new clock hands with shapes onto the clock movement as directed in the instructions that came with it, and add a battery.
  8. Position your suction cup hook in your window. Hang your new window clock, and enjoy the ever-changing view!
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