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Grafix Demo 3

Project Description: Grafix Demo in a Box 3 is an educational technique on using both sides of Wet Media Dura-Lar Film.

Designed by: Barbara Cowlin

Difficulty: Easy


  • Grafix Clear Dura-Lar
  • Grafix Wet Media Dura-Lar
  •  The Crafter’s Workshop 6 x 6″
    • Mini Kaleidoscope
    • Stencil Positivity
    • Octogonal Lace
  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss
  • Golden Heavy Gel Gloss
  • Golden Light Molding Paste
  • Golden High Flow Paints:
    • Titanium White
    • Teal
    • Quinacridone Magenta
    • Phthalo Blue (green shade)
    • Hansa Yellow Medium
  • Princeton Artist Brush Co. brushes (various)
  • Fineline Applicators

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Steps to Make This:

  1. Prepare paint and medium mixtures by separately mixing High Flow acrylics into Light Molding Paste and into Heavy Gel Gloss. Use 2 oz. containers with lids for mixing a variety of colors into the Paste and into the Heavy Gel Gloss.
  2. Create a library of painted Wet Media Dura-Lar Film sheets which will be cut up and then assembled into a college.
    • Demo Tip: Save scraps for later use.
  3. Stencils: cover sheets of Wet Media Dura-Lar Film with a variety of stencils and colors mixed with molding paste and gloss. Use a palette knife to scrape the medium over the stencil.
    • Demo Tip: Save scraps for later use.
  4. Transparent sheets: Dribble high flow acrylic across a sheet of Wet Media Dura-Lar Film, use a brayer to spread it over the sheet. Create sheets of each color.
    • Demo Tip: Paint does not have to be perfectly smooth. Mix multiple colors on a single sheet.
  5. Lines: use a fine line applicator filled with paint, scribble lines, words, shapes, and designs over the Wet Media Dura-lar Film. Try the same with a brush.
    • Demo Tip: Have fun, just paint small brush strokes in warm colors, but lightly like Monet.
  6. Do it advance or let dry.
  7. Cutting: Cut sheets with a scissor into shapes, strips, your favorite parts, randomly.
  8. Arranging: Using a piece of Clear Dura-Lar Film as your base, begin with a half dozen pieces and move them around until you like a design. Layer, add more, trim as needed.
    • Demo Tip: Save scraps for later use.
  9. Gluing prep: remove the arrangement from your base. Place a piece of freezer paper over your arrangement and gently turn it over so it is on the bottom and your collage is face down. Remove the Clear Dura-Lar Film base from the top.
    • Demo Tip: To remember the layout, take a photo with your phone. Or take small pieces of painter’s tape and tape it together gently before removing them from the base.
  10. Gluing: Using a palette knife spread a thin layer (dime thickness) of soft gel gloss over the back of your arrangement. Either lay Clear Dura-Lar Film over your glue-covered piece or flip the glue-covered piece from the freezer paper over to your Clear Dura-Lar Film base. With freezer paper on top, use a squeegee or credit card to smooth excess medium out. Remove the freezer paper and wipe off excess glue.
    • Demo Tip: Soft Gel Gloss stars milky but dries transparent. The thicker the medium the longer it to dry.
  11. Final: Flip the project back and forth to see both sides. Add more pieces until you get the look you want.
    • Demo Tip: You might consider more painting & stenciling directly on the collage.
  12. Display: Hang with clear fishing wire in front of a window to see both sides. Glue the whole piece onto a panel using soft gel gloss.
    • Demo Tip: Use the same application as collage assembly to adhere to paper or panel.
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