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Grafix Shrink Film Turkey Napkin Rings

Project Description: Create cute turkey napkin rings out of Grafix Shrink Film, a fun craft for all ages! You could also use them to embellish other Thanksgiving decor!

Designed by: Natasha Dzurny

Difficulty: Easy


Steps to Make This:

  1. To make the turkey’s body, use Grafix Metallic Shrink Film to cut one 3-inch circle for the body, and one 2.5-inch circle for the head. You can use the inside of a roll of tape and a mason jar lid to trace the circles easily.
  2. Next, to make the Turkey wings and feathers, use Grafix Clear Shrink Film to draw a box that is 1-inch wide by 2-inches tall to use as a guide. Inside the box, draw a rounded diamond shape – this will be your template. Make many of these shapes and color them with sharpie markers and cut them out. Two of the shapes will be the wings, and the rest will be feathers.
  3. Cut two, 1-inch circles from Grafix White Shrink Film for the eyes, and a triangle for the beak. Draw feet on black Shrink Film and cut them out. Optionally, cut a long strip of black Shrink Film that is 2.5-inches x 11-inches to make the napkin ring.
  4. Optional: You could make the napkin ring by shrinking the long black strip with a heat gun, taped around a small 7.5 oz soda can. The film will shrink to the size of the can, then you can remove the tape and shrink the rest. This is a tricky step for advanced users. Instead, you can just use a store-bought napkin ring.
  5. Shrink all the remaining pieces according to the instructions on the Shrink Film packaging.
  6. Use a black Sharpie to add detailed outlines to the body and pupils in the eyes.
  7. Super Glue the pieces in place.
  8. Set the table with your new napkin ring. Time to eat!
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