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How to Mount Art onto a Cradled Panel with Grafix Mounting Film

Project Description:

Ever wondered how to adhere artwork on Grafix Drafting film and Dura-Lar to a cradled board?

Barbara Dahlstedt shows us how in this easy-to-follow step by step instruction using Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film for a seamless finish.

Designed by: Barbara Dahlstedt

Difficulty: Moderate


Steps to Make This:

1. Prep: Make sure your drawing is clean and has been sprayed with fixative. Cut the mounting film one inch larger than the panel (this will save you from grief if your alignment isn’t perfect).
2. Peel back one inch of the protective paper on one side of the adhesive film.
3. Align the sticky edge of the film against the edge of the panel that is closest to you, allowing for a bit of overhang.
4. Use a plastic squeegee to burnish the film as it makes contact with the panel. (I like to have a friend pull the protective paper slowly as I push down the back of the adhesive sheet with a plastic squeegee against the surface of the cradled panel. It is important to work as a team and not get more than an inch or two of sticky film exposed at a time).

5. After you get the entire sheet stuck to the panel, check for air pockets. Start from the center and push air pockets to the closest side of the panel so that the air can escape. (If necessary, pop the stubborn air pockets with a needle or craft knife tip and press the film down again.
6. Use a brayer to ensure all parts of the film have made contact with the surface of the panel.
7. Trim the excess film with a craft knife. Keep the blade at a 45-degree angle and against the panel. Glue Your knife may become sticky, so change the blade as needed.
8. Before attaching the artwork, lay your drawing on the table face down. Draw a line on the back of the artwork so that alignment will be perfect.  Take off the entire piece of paper from the film that is adhered to the board. Beginning with one edge, carefully lay the panel on top, making sure that it is exactly where you want it. You will not be able to make adjustments, so commit! (I) Before turning it over, press hard on the back of the board. Flip it over and burnish the front of your drawing with the protective paper on top of your drawing, working from the center out.
9. Using a craft knife, trim your drawing next to the edge of the panel, keeping the blade at a 45-degree angle. A single edge razor blade works well too. If you don’t get the knife close enough on the first pass, you can repeat the trimming until it is perfect.

10. Attach the hardware and wire to the inside edge of the cradled board on the back.
11. Paint the sides of the cradled board with black acrylic paint.
12. Spray the entire surface and sides with matte varnish.


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