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Lettering on Alcohol Ink Background

Project Description: Learn how to create alcohol ink backgrounds with lettering (e.g., a quote) using Grafix Opaque Craft Plastic Film in White and/or Black along with Grafix’s Incredible Art Products.

Designed by: Anne Roos Smink (@Brushcali)

Difficulty: Easy


Steps to Make This:

  1. First, find a quote or word you’d like to write on your alcohol ink background. (Create a test design first on normal paper).
  2. Next, cut a sheet of Grafix Opaque Craft Plastic Film White/Black to your preferred size.
  3. Use a pencil to draw the quote or word on your film. To center the text, you can first draw 2 center lines (vertically and horizontally) to guide where your text should be. (If you’re bold you can also skip this step and apply masking fluid right away).
  4. Take the Grafix Incredible Nib to trace the quote using the Grafix Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket. Use water to clean your nib in between. Make sure the masking fluid has fully dried before continuing with step 5. To help the drying process, you can use a heat tool like a dryer or embossing tool (be careful not to burn the paper).
  5. Create your alcohol ink background by using your preferred alcohol ink colors diluted with isopropyl or blending solution.
  6. Using a straw or a blower, blow the ink around. Make sure the entire quote or word is covered with alcohol ink, so the text is readable.
  7. Wait till the inks have dried completely before moving to the next step.
  8. Remove the masking fluid with the Grafix Rubber Cement Pick Up, a normal eraser, or by using your fingers.
  9. Remove the pencil lines with an eraser. (Be careful not to ruin the alcohol ink with the eraser).
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