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How to Make Monoprint with Grafix Monoprint Plates

Project Description: Learn how to create monoprints using Grafix Monoprint Plates, Colorbox Spritzers, and acrylic paint. We’ll also use Stencil Film from Grafix to make a stencil to utilize in the process too.

Designed by: Tami Sanders

Difficulty: Easy


  • Grafix Monoprint Plates
  • Grafix Stencil Film
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Spritzer Pinkolicious
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Spritzer Mermaid
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Spritzer Lemon Drop
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Art Wheel
  • Die of Choice
  • Diecut Machine
  • Dictionary or Book Pages
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Craft mat or Waxed Paper
  • Masking or Blue Painter’s Tape
  • Black Permanent Pen
  • Plain White Paper

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Steps to Make This:

  1. Create a stencil to utilize in your monoprint using Stencil Film from Grafix. The film is durable but thin enough to be easily cut with a Kraft knife or scissors. Create your own design or use a die.
  2. I decided to make my stencil using a die. So I started by cutting the stencil film just slightly larger than the die.
  3. Then run the film and the die through the die-cut machine.
  4. For the die-cut stencil film, you’ll want to save both the inner and outer portions of the die-cut film as you can use both for positive and negative stenciled images.
  5. In order to easily replace inner die-cut pieces, I placed registration marks using a permanent pen.
  6. To keep loose die-cut pieces in place, tack with a piece of masking or blue painter’s tape.
  7. Monoprint Plates are available in 2 sizes and come 3 to a package. Plates are washable and reusable and can be used for a variety of monoprinting techniques.
  8. Remove the blue protective film from both sides of the plate. Prep your work surface by using a craft mat, waxed paper, or other covering. Using something non-absorbent will allow excess ink to be used.
  9. Next, I pulled out one of the flower die-cuts from my stencil sheet. I left the other 3 designs in place. It’s a little hard to see – clear on clear, but place the stencil on the monoprint plate. The print will be a mirror image of what is on a plate, so remember that when placing your stencil.
  10. Use a brush to apply white paint to the stencil using a dabbing motion. Make sure you apply enough paint so that the design will transfer, but using too much will cause a very blurry image. Experiment!
  11. Remove the stencil to expose the painted design on the plate.
  12. Begin adding color to plates with ColorBox Spritzers. Spritz different colors in different areas of the plate, overlapping them in places. Inked plate after the third color, pink, has been added.
  13. Carefully cover the plate with your dictionary page. Then place cover sheet over page and plate. This helps protect the brayer from getting “inky” in the next step.
  14. Begin transferring the design from plate to page by rolling over the plate with the brayer. Be sure you roll over the entire surface. Paints and inks will “smoosh” slightly in the direction you roll.
  15. Carefully remove the cover sheet, then gently remove the monoprint. Start at a corner and lift slowly to remove the print from the plate, exposing the finished monoprint. Notice how the paint from the stenciled design flows up – creating a light effect. The paint was spread up slightly because that is the direction I rolled to transfer the design.
  16. For this second print, I decided to add more flowers. So stencil 3 flowers, one at a time with white paint.
  17. Next, add sprays as before. This time I slightly crumpled the dictionary page before placing it on the plate. This will create lines and creases in the design.
  18. For the third print, I removed 3 of the die-cut flowers from the stencil and arranged them on the plate.
  19. I added streaks of white paint around and in between the flowers. After I spritzed the plate with inks, I carefully removed the flowers. Set them aside carefully, as we’ll use them in another print.
  20. Follow the same steps as before: covering the plate with a dictionary page, then cover sheet, and then use the roll.
  21. For the final print, I added the die-cut flowers back to the uncleaned plate – there was still some ink and paint remaining on it, and the flowers had inked on them from the previous print as well. Now you have four unique monoprints!
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