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Opaque Grey and White Mask Sign

Project Description:

Create your very own abstract art and add a drawn or patterned element to it.


Designed by: Denise McMahon

Difficulty: Moderately Difficult



  1. Measure and cut the paper to preferred size (I did 5 inches by 7 inches).
  2. Sketch out your design/pattern. You can do it on drawing paper first but transferring the design to the craft paper via a light box might prove difficult as the paper is quite heavy to see through. I recommend lightly sketching using a pencil directly on your craft plastic.
  3. Grab your Incredible Frisket kit, some water and paper towel.
  4. Use the Incredible Nib and Frisket to lay down the masking on top of your design.
  5. Wait for it to fully dry before moving on. Frisket should look translucent and no longer opaque/white.
  6. Use your isopropyl alcohol to activate the alcohol inks and use your air blower to create abstract patterns with the ink flow.
    • Adding interest with texture: Put isopropyl alcohol into a small spray bottle and spray from above 12 inches or so to create random blooms. Use an eye dropper to drop iso alcohol. Use a brush with iso alcohol to “paint” (but be mindful of where your frisket is applied!)
  7. Once done, let the alcohol ink rest and dry fully (give it several hours or even overnight).
  8. Use your Rubber Cement Pick Up to remove the frisket and reveal your design hidden by the inks.
    • Note: If there were parts of the frisket you didn’t end up liking, no problem. Carefully change or remove those parts by adding alcohol inks + iso alcohol.
  9. Sign and seal your art! Add 2-3 layers of kamar varnish followed by 2-3 layers of UV protection. Give 15 minutes of drying time between coats.
  1. Displaying your Art: Once you’ve sealed your art properly (please don’t skip that step), you can frame it almost any way you want! Simply find the perfect frame for it and stick it in! If you want to do something yourself, you can buy strong adhesive (like Modge Podge or Golden soft gel matte) and adhere the art onto a wood cradle board. Or get creative and maybe create a collage of abstracts and adhere them onto an acrylic tray! If you’re familiar with pouring resin, you can add a top coat of resin for a shiny, hard top coat after you adhere your art properly on a surface. If you made smaller art, consider finding a larger mat + frame for a more impactful display. Go all out and get your art professionally matted and custom framed by a local professional framer/print shop or Michael’s. The world is your oyster, let them see your beautiful art however you want to display it!


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