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Taking Shrink Film to the Next Level

Project Description: Take your Shrink Film ideas to the next level with today’s video by Lolly Palooza!

Designed  by: Lolly Palooza 

Difficulty: Moderate


Supply List



In Silhouette Studio,

Select FILE, then OPEN and select the image you want to shrink from your computer

You can then click the image and click and drag one of the corners in the outline to make the image

smaller or larger.

From the left panel, select the rectangle and draw a rectangle by clicking and dragging.

Click the rectangle and drag it over the part of your image you want to delete.

Then click and drag over both your image-to-shrink and your new rectangle.

On the right side, click modify panel (looks like a rectangle overlapping a circle)

Select DIVIDE, then click and drag away the parts of the image you just cut off.

Repeat as much as you want, and resize your image for shrinking by clicking it and dragging the corner in

or out.