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Grafix Demo 1

Project Description: Grafix Demo in a Box 1 is an educational technique on using both sides of Matte Dura-Lar Film.

Designed by: Pam Belcher

Difficulty: Easy


  • Grafix Matte Dura-Lar
  • Prismacolor Pencils:
    • 1003/Spanish Orange
    • 1030/Raspberry
    • 105/Cobalt Turquoise
    • 132/Dioxazine Purple Hue
  • Smooth white foam core board as drawing support or similar
  • Tombow Mono Small Eraser #57320
  • 2″ wide Soft bristle paintbrush
  • Image of Apple to trace

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Steps to Make This:

  1. Trace apple outline with a sharp 1030/Raspberry pencil. Trace shadow outline with a sharp 105/Cobalt turquoise pencil. Mark the front side with an “F”.
  2. Make strokes with 1003/Spanish orange, covering the contour of the entire apple. Leave some white areas. Fill shadows with light strokes of Cobalt Turquoise.
    • Demo Tip: Keep oils from your fingers off the film by handling the edges.
  3. With medium pressure, add lines of Raspberry and Cobalt Turquoise following the contour of apple, mix combinations to explore color.
    • Demo Tip: Create a variety of colors by experimenting with the order they are applied. Using the side and tip of the pencil also varies the color.
    • Demo Tip: To view different angles turn your film around or tape it to chipboard for easy movement.
    • Demo Tip: use the soft brush to cast off the pencil pigment clumps.
    • Demo Tip: These colors make beautiful mixes on top of the yellow; (yellow + blue = green; yellow + red = orange).
  4. Play with color by adding Spanish Orange over the contour of the apple. Or try Cobalt Turquoise.
    • Demo Tip: Light colors applied to darker ones smear pigments together. The White does a good job of this and can change some of the colors too.
  5. On the backside of the film, add 132/Dioxazine Purple Hue to the left side of the apple. Then add orange or turquoise, mimic color blocks from the front. Try the side of the pencil.
  6. Blend colors together with Spanish Orange as on the front.
  7. On the front, using the eraser, gently pull off pigment for highlights and stem.
  8. On the back repeat erasure as on the front. Outline stem with Purple Hue, lightly fill in, and then cover with Spanish Orange.
  9. Use a tissue or soft brush in direction of pencil strokes to remove excess pencil and smooth marks.
  • Grafix
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