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Dura-Lar FAQ

What kinds of art materials can be used on Metallized Dura-Lar Film?

Permanent markers or inks can be used on our Metallized Dura-Lar Film. For any additional types of materials, they would need to be tested on the film. This film is NOT coated to accept water-based mediums or printing.

What surfaces work best with Dura-Lar Adhesive Backed Film?

Most smooth, flat, clean surfaces will work with our Dura-Lar Adhesive Backed Film. Our adhesive backed film will NOT stick to surfaces like blocks, fabric, and other rough surfaces. The performance of the film will also be affected by external conditions and the final application of the film product.

Does Dura-Lar have outdoor suitability?

Yes, in the short term (less than 1 year). For more than that, we do not recommend using Dura-Lar for long term outdoor exposure. Long term exposure to the elements can cause the film to yellow, become brittle or turn hazy. The longer Dura-Lar stays outside, exposed to UV, the more can lose its properties.

Is Metallized Dura-Lar ™ suitable for outdoor exposure?

No, this is not an appropriate film for outdoor use.

Is Dura-Lar Adhesive Backed Film laser cutable?

Dura-Lar Adhesive Back Film can be laser cut in single sheets and in stacks. The base film (Dura-Lar), adhesive system, and paper liner are all safe to cut.

Do you know if resin will bond with Dura-Lar?

Resin can be used as both a sealer and bonding agent with Dura-Lar. Always test your brand of resin with Dura-Lar and the surface you are using to be certain it works for your application.

What kind of adhesive will bond with Dura-Lar?

We have a Glue Reference Chart that outlines the types of glue used to mount a variety of films. Gel medium can also be used to mount or seal Dura-Lar.

Why would I use a fixative on Matte Dura-Lar?

To prevent blooming (when the wax in pencils rises to the surface and fogs the pencil color) or fading. Sometimes pencil can look shiny on the film and a fixative can dull the color.

Does Matte Dura-Lar need to be sealed when using mediums such as; colored pencil, pastel, graphite, charcoal or crayons?

It is not necessary to seal the Matte Dura-Lar, but a matter of preference desired outcome and framing plans.

If you choose to seal the Matte Dura-Lar we have some suggestions, but we strongly recommend testing yourself and also reviewing the Manufacturers guidelines for their products.

Spray recommendations:

Krylon Workable Fixative
Krylon Gallery Series Archival Fixative (has UV protection)
Lascaux Fixative

Varnish recommendations:

Sennelier Matte UV Protection
Krylon UV Protectant
Acrylic Gel Medium

Can I apply and remove wet/dry erase markers on Wet Media Dura-Lar?


Can I use permanent markers with Wet Media Dura-Lar?

Yes, but they will remain permanent, not erasable.

How do I clean the Wet Media Dura-Lar?

Simply wipe off the surface with a damp cloth to reuse again.

What is Metallized Dura-Lar made of?

Gold Dura-Lar is made by aluminum deposit put on to yellow tinted film

Silver Dura-Lar is made by aluminum deposit put on to one side of clear film

Is Metallized Dura-Lar metallized on the front and back so it looks like a mirror on two sides?

No. It is a clear film with metal on one side, but since it starts clear the mirrored finish shows on both sides.

Is Metallized Dura-Lar what Mylar balloons are made out of?

No, Grafix does not make this material.

Is Dura-Lar Ink Jet or Laser Printable?

Please note the all Clear Dura-Lar Film (regardless of thickness) is NOT inkjet or laser printer compatible whether using your home equipment or office supply store equipment. If you are seeking an inkjet or laser printable film, we offer Computer Grafix transparency films for this purpose. They are available in only one thickness – .004″ or the thickness of a piece of white copy paper.

What is the difference between Matte Dura-Lar and Drafting Film?

Matte Dura-Lar is only available in .005”, coated on two sides with an economical grade coating. Drafting Film is available in .003”, .004”, .005”, .007” coated one or two sides and is a professional grade coating.

Is Dura-Lar heat resistant?

Dura-Lar Film is high heat (230°) resistance but, it does have a melting point at >212°F.

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