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How can you tell which side is Ink Jet Printable on the .004” Matte 2 sided drafting film?

Using a highlighter, draw a line with multiple colors on each side. The ink jet side should be brighter and more consistent lines. The non-ink jet side should be dull and the lines may not be consistent. The highlighter may not dry on the non-ink jet side also.

How can you tell which side is Ink Jet Printable on the .004” Matte 2 sided Ink Jet film?

Using a highlighter, draw a line with multiple colors on each side. The ink jet side should be brighter and more consistent lines. The non-ink jet side should be dull and the lines may not be consistent. The highlighter may not dry on the non-ink jet side also.

Printable Computer Grafix Instructions

Are Metallic Foil Boards one-sided or two-sided?

Metallic Foil Boards are one-sided.

Do you make Vellum in colors?

The colored Vellum is discontinued.

Is the Edge Dura-Lar Stencil Film archival?

Yes, the Edge Dura-Lar Stencil Film is archival and acid free.

Does Drafting Film come one-sided or two-sided?

Drafting Film is available in one-sided and two-sided films.

Can I use Graphite Pencils on Drafting Film?


Is Artist-tac repositionable?

Artist-tac is repositionable until you burnish it, then it is permanent.

Can you emboss Craft Plastic/ Dura-Bright? With heat or pressure?

Clear – Yes, they are heat emboss-able.
Opaque White – Yes, they are heat emboss-able on a low setting.
Opaque Black – Yes, they are heat emboss-able on a low setting.

Clear – Yes, the medium-weight films are also emboss-able by pressure.
Opaque White – Yes
Opaque Black – Yes

Does the Blue Stencil Film come in larger sizes?

Grafix can provide you with a quote for larger sizes or quantities of Blue Stencil film, please email To expedite your quote request, keep answers in mind to these important Grafix Custom Quote Questions.

Shrink Film Instructions and Helpful Hints

Can I add a design to my Shrink Film once it’s done baking?

Yes, you can add designs to Shrink Film with permanent markers, paint pens and rubber stamps before and after baking.

Do I need to seal my Shrink Film designs?

It is not necessary to seal your finished pieces. However, you can protect pieces that will be handled often with a polyurethane sealer. See attached information on sealants. Shrink Film Sealer FAQ

What type of markers/media work best on Shrink Film?

Permanent markers/pens work the best on non-Inkjet styles of Shrink Film.

My Shrink Film curled up, what do I do?

Shrink Film will curl up, then flatten back out, this is simply part of the shrinking process. Be patient while shrinking and wait for it to flatten out. If your film curls and sticks to itself, simply remove from the oven and using toothpicks or tweezers un-stick and return it to the oven. Placing a heavy weight vellum or piece of parchment paper on top of your projects while shrinking will minimize curling and sticking. Keep a spatula handy when shrinking so that you can use it to flatten projects as they are removed from the oven and still hot.

My Inkjet Shrink Film will not load in my printer, what do I do?

Try changing the printer settings to a thicker paper option – photo, glossy, etc. The available options will vary according to your printer model. If this solution does not work, we suggest contacting the printer manufacturer for additional assistance.

How do I know which side of my Inkjet Shrink Film to print on?

Both sides are printable.

I printed on both sides of my Shrink Film and it smeared, why?

Grafix has several styles of Shrink Film, check your packaging to make sure you have the Inkjet printable style, if not try using permanent markers or rubber stamps.

Can I put my Shrink Film in a Laser printer/copier?

No, Shrink Film will shrink when exposed to heat. Laser printers/copiers generate heat while they process. Putting Shrink Film in either could cause serious damage to the equipment.

Can I use an embossing heat gun to shrink my Shrink Film?

Yes, we suggest using tweezers or a stylus to hold the film while you heat.

How thick is the Shrink Film?

All Shrink Film styles are .010” prior to baking (or the thickness of a business card).

How much does the Shrink Film shrink?

There are many variables in how much Shrink Film will shrink, i.e. type of oven, temperature used, and time; in general Shrink Film will shrink to about 50% of its original size and become thicker.

Are the Rub-Onz acid free and archival?

Yes, they are both acid free and archival.

Can an object with Rub-Onz be washed in a dishwasher?

We recommend hand washing for longevity.

Do I need to seal the Rub-Onz?

It is not necessary to seal the Rub-Onz since they use a permanent adhesive. However, you can coat with polyurethane to achieve a glossy finish.

Do Rub-Onz transfer ink directly on to the desired surface?

Yes, but Rub-Onz will transfer a thin layer of clear film to the surface also. Unlike pre-made rub ons that have already been bonded with glue, thus transferring just the ink, Grafix Rub-Onz are personalized and the adhesive is added and then transferred by the user.

Can the Rub-Onz be applied to fabric or canvas?

The Rub-Onz are meant for non-porous surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic, paper, ribbon, etc. not fabric or canvas. If the surface is sealed or has gesso applied it will adhere. Always test first.

How do I create my text in reverse/as a mirror image?

Click on the link for Mirroring Text Instructions.

My Rub-Onz will not load in my printer, what do I do?

You may want to add several sheets of regular copy paper behind the frosted Rub-Onz film prior to printing. This will trick the printer into thinking it has thicker paper in the tray. It may be necessary to combine this paper trick along with changing the paper setting to photo/glossy – which causes the printer to load the material differently. The available paper options will vary according to your printer model. If these solutions do not work, we suggest contacting the printer manufacturer for additional assistance.

Which Rub-Onz film do I print on? And which side?

Print on the matte, or slightly duller side of the frosted film.

There are two different sheets in the Rub-Onz package – how are they different?

One sheet is thin and slightly frosted which is used to print or draw your image. The other sheet is the transfer adhesive, clear glossy liner on one side and white liner on the other. This is used to adhere your image to the surface. Please review package directions before use.

What is the thickness of Funky Film?

It is .002” thick. This does not include the backing.

Where can I find a photo of the available Funky Film patterns?

Visit the Funky Film page and click on the photo slider to see additional photos.

How do I remove any residue left on my surface?

You can use an adhesive remover like Oops or Un-du, a rubber cement pick up or mineral spirits.

Can I print on Grafix Frisket Films to create a stencil design?

No, both Frisket Film styles are not Inkjet or Laser printable. However, both are screen printable.

What is the difference between the 2 styles of Frisket Film?

All Purpose is a .002” low tack polypropylene film that also has soft peel adhesive.

Extra Tack is a .001” polyester film with a slightly more aggressive adhesive to help prevent paint seepage and edge build up.

All Grafix Frisket Films are self-adhering, removable and leave no residue.

Why would I use a fixative on Matte Dura-Lar?

To prevent blooming (when the wax in pencils rises to the surface and fogs the pencil color) or fading. Sometimes pencil can look shiny on the film and a fixative can dull the color.

Does Matte Dura-Lar need to be sealed when using mediums such as; colored pencil, pastel, graphite, charcoal or crayons?

It is not necessary to seal the Matte Dura-Lar, but a matter of preference desired outcome and framing plans.

If you choose to seal the Matte Dura-Lar we have some suggestions, but we strongly recommend testing yourself and also reviewing the Manufacturers guidelines for their products.

Spray recommendations:

Krylon Workable Fixative
Krylon Gallery Series Archival Fixative (has UV protection)
Lascaux Fixative

Varnish recommendations:

Sennelier Matte UV Protection
Krylon UV Protectant
Acrylic Gel Medium

Can I apply and remove wet/dry erase markers on Wet Media Dura-Lar?


Can I use permanent markers with Wet Media Dura-Lar?

Yes, but they will remain permanent, not erasable.

How do I clean the Wet Media Dura-Lar?

Simply wipe off the surface with a damp cloth to reuse again.

What is Metallized Dura-Lar made of?

Gold Dura-Lar is made by aluminum deposit put on to yellow tinted film

Silver Dura-Lar is made by aluminum deposit put on to one side of clear film

Is Metallized Dura-Lar metallized on the front and back so it looks like a mirror on two sides?

No. It is a clear film with metal on one side, but since it starts clear the mirrored finish shows on both sides.

Is Metallized Dura-Lar what Mylar balloons are made out of?

No, Grafix does not make this material.

Is Dura-Lar Ink Jet or Laser Printable?

Please note the all Clear Dura-Lar Film (regardless of thickness) is NOT inkjet or laser printer compatible whether using your home equipment or office supply store equipment. If you are seeking an inkjet or laser printable film, we offer Computer Grafix transparency films for this purpose. They are available in only one thickness – .004″ or the thickness of a piece of white copy paper.

What is the difference between Matte Dura-Lar and Drafting Film?

Matte Dura-Lar is only available in .005”, coated on two sides with an economical grade coating. Drafting Film is available in .003”, .004”, .005”, .007” coated one or two sides and is a professional grade coating.

Is Dura-Lar heat resistant?

Dura-Lar Film is high heat (230°) resistance but, it does have a melting point at >212°F.

Can you use Double Tack with fabric and is it washable?

You can use Double Tack with fabric but it will not be permanent and will not be washable. You may be able to hand wash a couple of times.

Is Double Tack Archival?

Double Tack mounting film is archival and acid free.

Is Double Tack repositionable?

No, Double Tack is not repositionable. It has a permanent adhesive.

How do I use Double Tack?

Double Tack is a dry mounting film with twin coatings of permanent adhesive on both sides of an ultra-thin carrier protected by two sheets of heavy release liners. To make the liner easier to remove, score along one corner with a craft knife and pull the liner back along the score line. Apply the sticky side to the item you wish to have the adhesive on and then peel back the second liner. Your item is now ready to be adhered to another surface.

What is Double Tack made of?

Double tack has a clear polyester center (carrier) with acrylic based adhesive on both sides covered by white polyester liners.

Do you sell one film that can be used in both Laser and Ink Jet printers?

No, just one or the other.

How thick are the Computer Grafix films?

Both the Inkjet and Laser Computer Grafix films are .004” (or the thickness of a sheet of copier paper).

Which side of the Computer Grafix film do I print on?

For the Clear Inkjet version, print on the textured or slightly bumpy side.
For the Matte Inkjet version, test for the inkjet printable side. Draw a small line with a highlighter in the corner on one side of the film. Wipe gently. If the line does not smear, print on this side of the film. If the line smears, print on the reverse side. If using the Laser version, both sides are printable.

How do I clean the Cling Film so it continues to re-stick well?

If the Cling Film becomes dirty, just clean with Windex and the material should once again cling. It is important that not only is the cling sheet clean and dust/dirt free, but also the surface you are applying it to.

Can Cling Film be Laser Cut?

Vinyl is not laser cut-able. When cut with a laser it emits chemicals which are harmful.

Can I use Cling Film to un-mount my rubberstamp collection?

Yes, our clear Cling Film works best to un-mount wooden rubber stamps to save storage space.

What is the thickness of Cling Film?

Clear and White Cling Film are .007″ thick and all other colors are .010″ thick. This does not include the backing.

Can you Laser/Inkjet print on Cling Film?

No. Permanent markers/pens work the best.

Is there a translucent film that I can use to find/show color values?

Many people like to use Grafix Red Clear-Lay to highlight color values.

Can White Mask be diluted?

For answers to this question and more, see our Liquid Frisket Tips Techniques Guide

Why has my Frisket hardened and what can I do?

If exposed to too much air the Liquid Frisket will dry out. In the colder months, it is possible that it can freeze in transit. If it has been frozen or dried out, there is no way to reconstitute it.

Does White Mask Liquid Frisket work on canvas?

No, unless it is prepared first with something like Gesso.

What is the shelf life of White Mask?

Approximately 2 years if stored correctly. Store upside down and do not shake. It is recommended that you pour out what you need in another container while working and reseal the bottle so it doesn’t sit open.

Is the Chipboard colored all the way through?

Both the black and natural chipboard are colored all the way through; however the white is white on one side and natural on the other.

Can I cut Grafix Chipboard in my Cricut machine? What about my Sizzix?

Refer to Grafix die cut test results document to determine which die cut machines successfully cut our chipboard.

How thick is Grafix chipboard?

Each sheet is medium weight:
Natural is .057″
White is .050”
Black is .055”

Is Grafix Chipboard acid free


Is Grafix Acetate food Safe?

Yes, Grafix Acetate is FDA approved.

Can Grafix Acetate be dissolved in Acetone?

Yes, Grafix Acetate can be dissolved in Acetone.

Rub-Onz Instructions

Why do my Monoprint plates look blue when the package says they are clear?

Grafix Monoprint plates have a light blue protective coating on each side to keep the film from scratching.  Just remove the blue liners before use.

Can I tint Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket?

One of the benefits of Grafix White Mask Liquid Frisket is that there is no color added, so it will not stain the paper surface. If you choose to tint your White Mask, we suggest separating out a small amount so you do not ruin your entire bottle. Be sure to use a water based medium, not permanent. Only use a small amount of color to tint. Depending on the medium and application, it could stain your paper so we suggest trying a sample area first.

I spilled my White Mask, how do I remove it?

Try Oops or Un-Du to remove White Mask from glass, plastic, fabric, carpet, wood and paper.


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